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Living in Gunsan


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Gunsan Agro-fishery Product Center

Gunsan Agro-fishery Product Center is the representative agro-fishery product shopping mall where strictly selected quaility agro-fishery specialties produced and processed in Gunsan City are sold both online and offline.

Fish Market

Gunsan General Marine Product Center

General Gunsan Marine Product Center located in Haemang-Dong is market dedicated to marine-products. It opened in October of 2003 and has been registered as a Traditional Market with the sections of Fresh Fish, Dried Fish and Live Fish.
  • Location: 1011-21 Haemang-Dong/57-4.5 Geum-Dong, Gunsan
  • Opening Hours: 06:00~23:00
  • Parking Lot: for 300 vehicles
  • More information: Co-op Office of Gunsan Maritime Product Center
  • Phone: 063-442-4822, 4823
Gunsan General Marine Product Center

General Maritime Product Market

General Maritime Product Market
Saemangeum General Maritime Product Market is a market dedicated to wild maritime products, such as live fish, dried fish, fresh fish, pickled fish and shellfish. In its vicinity, there are such rich tourism resources as Bieung Tourist Fishing Port, tourism attractions including the 33-km Saemangeum Seawall, which is famous worldwide as well as nationwide, Old-Gunsan Archipelago International Maritime Tourism Park with its natural beauty and Seonyudo Beach.
  • Location: 78 Bieungdo-Dong Gunsan Jeonbuk
  • Opening Hours: 09:00 ~ 23:00
  • Parking Lot: for 300 vehicles (Available to large vehicles)

Gunsan Public Market

Gunsan Public Market, with its 94-year-old history, was formed by grocers gathering in the vicinity when the Gunsan Line was opened in the year of 1913 and then finally it had its grand opening in the year of 1918. In Korea it is the first shopping-mall-typed traditional market equipped with such facilities as heating and cooling, a moving walk, elevator, kids playroom, parking lot and a women’s education center just like major shopping malls. It has secured self-growing power and competitiveness with more than 8,000 kinds of products making one-stop shopping possible.
  • Contact Number : 063-445-4929
  • Address : 18-1 Sinyoung-Dong Gunsan

Shopping Malls

Gunsan E-mart

Gunsan E-mart, the 31st E-mart branch and the third in the Jeonbuk Area, has the area of 16,200 pyong (5.35 ha) and a shopping area of 4,000 pyong (1.32 ha) with parking facilities capable of holding 1,100 vehicles. It is a four-story building (one basement included), which is the biggest E-mart in Korea.
  • Address: 137 Guam-3-Ro Gunsan (590-296 Gyoungam-Dong)
  • Phone: 063-472-1234
  • Opening Hours: 10:00~24:00

Lotte Mart

Gunsan Lotte Mart, with a total sales area of 13,686m², is the biggest discount shopping mall in Gunsan with an indoor parking lot from the 4thto7thfloorsfor“Convenience of Shopping.”
  • Address: 185 Susong-Ro Gunsan
  • Phone: 063-441-2500
  • Opening Hours: 10:00~24:00 (Holidays – 09:00~24:00)
  • Closed Days: Second and Fourth Sundays
  • * The opening hours are subject to change by conditions.