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Gunsan Free Trade Zone

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  • Gunsan Free Trade Zone
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  • Location/Size
    • Inside Gunjang National Industrial Complex in Gunsan, Jeonbuk (close to Saemangeum Embankment entrance) / 1,254,000㎡
  • Facility : Production Area, Distribution Area, Support Area
    • Production Facility : Standard Factory: 7 Buildings, A Type- 5 Building(Lightweight) / B Type – 2 Building(Heavyweight)
    • Logistic Facility : Distribution Warehouse(9,982㎡)
    • Support Facility : Public Institutes of Office Building, Business Support Building, Customs, Bank, Public Health Center, etc. for One-Stop administrative service.
  • Joined Company : 34 companies (10 in operation)
  • Production Amount : 6 Billion Won
  • Export Amount : 4 Million USD
  • No. of Employee : 598Persons

Location Environment

  • Airport
    • Gunsan Airport(Flight to Jeju), Gimje International Airport is in promoting
  • Port
    • Quay : A total of 23 berths including 15 berths for 20,000 tons, 4 berthsfor 50,000 tons
      * Plan to operate a total of 33 berths including 100,000 tons by 2011.
    • Periodic Container Ship Operation(Shanghai, Japan)
    • Periodic Passenger Ship Operation(Qingdao, Shidao)
  • Road
    • Expressway : West Coast Expressway, Honam Expressway
    • 2Hr 30 Min to Seoul(215km), 3 Hr to Incheon International Airport(250km)
  • Infrastructure
    Facility Description Charge
    Industrial Water 2.18Million Tons/Day Supply ₩300/ton
    Wastewater & Sewage Treatment 0.58Million Tons/Day Treatment ₩60~180/ton
    Waste Landfill 2.56Million㎡  
    Communication 40,800 Lines ₩38/3 Minute
    Electricity 3,000MV Thermal Power Generation ₩50/Kwh
    Industrial Agglomeration 350 Companies including Hyundae Heavy Industry, GM DAEWOO, etc.  
    Housing Develop 5,300 Housings of Apartments & Single Houses ₩200,000/Month
    (based on 15Pyung One Room)
    ※ Rise up as Automobile and Machinery Industry Mecca with thejoining of GMDAEWOO, TATA DAEWOO, Hyundae Heavy Industry, DooSan InfraCore.

Manpower Supply

  • Technical Manpower : More than 10,000 Technical Manpower per year produced
    • Automobile, Machinery Professional Manpower: More than 2,500 per year
      • 1,300 from Universities and Colleges
      • 1,200 from Korea Polytech Colleges (Gimje, Gochang, Iksan, Namwon)
    • Perform customized training for companies: Perform training for collected students with requests from companies.
      • Perform Job Capability Improvement Training customized for company environments
  • Mild Labor Union, Harmonized Labor Relationship
    • Adopted ‘Gunsan City Joint Declaration for Industry Peace between Labor, Company, Government’
      * There have been no labor disputes solved by exercising public power since 1980
  • Labor Cost
    • 20% lower than the metropolitan area
      * Jeonbuk Area Average Wage in 2006: ₩1,310,000 / National Average: ₩1,870,000

Qualifications to Join

  • Business Type
    • Production: Foreign investment companies or local companies with more than 50% exports
    • Wholesale: More than 50% in import/export trade
      * Logistics ·Supporting companies can apply
      * Priority Business Types: High Tech Business, High Tech Accompanying Business, Machinery, Automobile Parts

OperationRent & Charge

  • Operation
    • State purchases the land, and leases to the company (leases up to a max. of 100 years with free or low rent charge)Ministry of Knowledge Economy(Gunsan Free Trade District Agency) directly manages the project
  • Rent Charge
    • Apartment Type Factory: ₩543~696/㎡, Month / Land: ₩80/㎡, Month* 50% of Rent Charge Reduction for Machinery & Automobile Parts


  • Land Lease for Free
    • ① New Foreigner Investment of more than US$10 Million,
      ② More than US$1 Million Foreign Investment with more than 30% of Foreigner’s Capital Share, etc.
      * More than US$0.5 Million of Foreign Investment for High Tech Accompanying Business, Machinery, Automobile Parts.
  • Tax Reduction
    • 5 Years of Reduction for State Tax(Corporate Tax, Income Tax), 15 Years of exemption for Local Tax (Acquisition Tax, Registration Tax, Property Tax)
  • Exception on Tariff, etc.
    • Non-Tariff: Foreign Product within the district
    • Exemption or Refund: Import reported local product within district
    • Zero Rate VAT: Local product within district ,and foreign products and services traded between companies within the district
  • Subsidy Support
    Subsidy Support
    Foreign Investment Company Type Description
    Hiring Subsidy Within 500,000Won per person per month for up to 6 months when new hiring is more than 20 persons. Maximum 200 Million Won
    Training Subsidy Between 100,000~ 500,000Won per person per month for up to 6 months for training when new hiring is more than 20 persons. Maximum 200 Million Won
    Factory Facility Subsidy Within 2% of the facility investment of over 5 Billion Won when the total factory facility investment is over 5 Billion Maximum 200 Million Won
    Cash Grant Support Maximum 5 Billion Won(within 5% of Investment Amount) Tech Accompanying Business (More than US$10 Million of Foreigner’s Investment) R&D Industry (More than US$5 Million of Foreigner’s Investment)