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Rice from the Habitat of Migratory Birds

This rice is the first exported Korean rice. The River-snail agricultural method and Rice-bran agricultural method are applied for the production of this environmentally-friendly rice. A strict QC is employed for this rice coming from the fertile fields of the Habitat of Migratory Birds.

Dream of Vast Field

This rice has a very unique flavor which can be felt from the time of boiling it. Once tasted, it becomes thea favorite rice of everyonepeople. It is to popular with both children and parents’ tastes due to its unchanging flavor.

Unforgettable Shindongjin

This rice, produced with an environmentally-friendly agricultural method, is very palatable being 1.3 times as thick as the common kinds of rice. With its low-temperature storage, it has an even quality all year round. Only what passes a quality control standard is shipped

Oktojinmi (Delicay from Fertile Soil)

This palatable rice is produced from fertile soil. More than 280,000 bags are shipped a year, 70% of which are supplied to Metropolitan areas. Those who have tasted it once will always understand the meaning of the name. It is the very ‘Oktojinmi’

White Glutinous Rice Barley

It is a kind of barley produced along with the technological guide of Gunsan Agricultural Technology Center. It has such properties of moisture-absorbing and boiling, so it doesn’t need soaking in water or separate boiling. That’s why it is very easy to cook. Its taste is quite simply delicious.

Ulwae Jangahzhi (Kind of Pickled Cucumber)

Ulwae Jangahzhi is a low-cal food with such abundant nutrients as minerals and vitamins. Accordingly, since old times it has been a favorite pickled food as a side dish arousing appetites in summer when people are very liable to get exhausted with a lot of sweating

Tongue Sole

All-Korean tongue-soles and croakers caught at the West Coast are strictly selected for processing in the HACCP facility. Their tastes are simple and soft without any fishy smell. They are very good for elders and children.

Gunsan Pear

Gunsan pear is produced with an environmentally-friendly organic agricultural method using the application of low pesticides. Rice straw is bedded on the ground surface and pyroligneous liquor is applied for higher sugar content. On picking the pears, low-temperature storing technology is employed for thorough quality control. It has always the unchanging flavor.

Seasoned Laver

After being produced in the uncontaminated waters of the West Coast, it is seasoned with a small amount of salt and cooking oil to be roasted during the processing at a clear workplace to have a delicious and simple flavor. It is a very healthy premium laver cooked from the heart.

Crab Marinated in Soy Sauce

The fresh Blue-crabs of the season from the West Coast are marinated in soy sauce to keep its nutrition and unique taste without any fishy smell to captivate the taste of modern people.

Makgeolli (Korean Raw Rice Wine)

This wine placed first at the Saeng Makgeolli Show in 2010. It, the representative Makgeolli of Cheonbuk Province, is made of White Glutinous Rice Barley, the specialty of Gunsan.

Utdam Yogurt

Utdam Yogurt with a simple taste, is fermented without any additives, has the color of milk and a strong and simple flavor. It strengthens bones and intestines! It also promotes fermentation! It will make you laugh a healthy laughter.

Ongkojip Sauce
(Soybean paste/Red pepper sauce)

The traditional secret for making sauces have been handed down for the profound taste of soybean paste and red-pepper sauce made from Korean soybeans completely by hand.

Healthy Food from Balloon Flower Roots

Only the ingredients grown painstakingly for more than three years by 20 members of the Balloon Flower Cooperative Units in the Gunsan Area are selected after a thorough inspection of their production in a hygienic environment.