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Saemangeum The New Year Festival

새만금 해맞이축제 The New Year festival is hosted on the first day (January 1st) of every year at Saemangeum seawall, the longest seawall in the world. Through various events, such as sharing rice cake soup, writing new wishes (family motto), and releasing balloons of hopes, this event provides an opportunity to plan new year with family, make wishes, and feel the mystique and deep sensation of the nature.

Gunsan Saemangeum International Marathon Festival

This festival is held every year in April. Marathoners run the course of downtown with beautiful memories and history of Gunsan, amidst hearty cheers of the citizens, and good records are expected as the course is quite easy and comfortable to run. There are 3 courses, full course, 10km, and 5km, and a lot of outstanding elite runners are invited from in and out of the country. 군산 새만금 국제마라톤대회

Kongdang Barley Festival

꽁당보리축제 This festival is held every year in the beginning of May. It is a friendly festival for city dwellers and farmers socializing and enjoying together, on the theme of barley, such as walking barley field, barley experience, barley promotion, and Ms. Barley contest.

Seonyudo Beach

Seonyudo beach, located in Gogunsan Islands, where many beautiful islands are forming unexplored gifts of nature, is open from early July to mid-August. 8 great views of Seonyu are very famous: sunset of Seonyu, which creates an ecstactic view of sky and sea, myeongsasibri, where the beauty of the beach let all worries be forgotten, and three islands, which are uninhabited, but are so beautiful to provide hope of full load of ship. Experience tourism, such as sea fishing and experience on mud flat, is also available. 선유도 해수욕장

Jinpo Art Festival

진포예술제 This is the biggest composite art festival of Gunsan city, hosted in October. During this composite art festival, local artists and citizens communicate, share, and enjoy together as they present various culture and art performances and creations, such as their artworks, Korean classical music, dance, and plays, through national photo exhibition and Gunsan national student traditional art contest.

Gunsan Time Travel Festival

inheritance of modern history, and is hosted in October. It provides an opportunity to experience the culture of modern era that our ancestors enjoyed. You can enjoy power mask play, outdoor theatricals (madang play), rickshaw experience, goblin marketplace, street art, and handmade market. 군산시간여행축제

Gunsan World Migratory Bird Festival

군산세계철새축제 On every November at Geumgang lake, the largest habitat for migratory birds in Korea, bird watching and education programs in addition to special experiences are hosted along with group dance of Baikal Teals, a rare species of the world. This is becoming a new paradigm of ecological tourism during winter.