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Gunsan Arts Center

군산예술의전당 This is the large performance hall with the cutting edge facilities, so people can enjoy performances of variety of genre with outstanding quality and artistic value. There is a beautiful park nearby and exhibition works are displayed in the arts center all the time. It is certainly an open cultural space where families can come and enjoy any time of the year.

Gyeongam-dong Railroad

Gyeongam-dong railroad is a 2.5km track from former Gunsan station to Paper Korea, and the trains narrowly ran between houses. Train operation stopped in 2008, but the shanties facing each other across the railroad and the sceneries lead us to the time of 70s and 80s. 경암동 철길

Gunsan Fishery Market

수산물 종합센터 This market is located at Haemang-dong, and is another tourist attraction as it is capturing the appetite and attention of the tourists with relatively cheap and fresh live fish, raw fish for sashimi, and dried fish.

Gunsan Agro-specialty Promotion Gallery

It is located at the modern history and culture street of Wolmyeong-dong. People can enjoy agro-specialty of Gunsan at one spot since it is comprised of local food gallery and agrospecialty showshop, representing Gunsan, where rice, white rice barley, tongue sole, and Kkotgejang are displayed for sales. 군산 농특산물 홍보갤러리

Gunsan Oldam Public Market

군산 공설시장 올담 This is the first modern mart-like traditional market of Korea, with 90 years of history, representing Gunsan. There are a lot of food which are affordable with inexpensive price, along with a lot of attractions, such as a forge of old days.

Gunsan Golf Course

The Gunsan Golf Course is the biggest in Korea, of 4.2㎢ in size with 81 holes, and 33% of the whole area is lake. This is the only golf course, floating on top of the lake. 군산골프장