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Wolmyeong Park

월명공원 This park is located in the middle of Gunsan city. During Spring, colorful cherry blossoms and camellia flowers are in full bloom, while beautiful fall foliage attracts visitors during fall. On the mountain top, both Geumgang (river) and West sea come into sight.

Eunpa Lake Park

This park is a place for relaxation in urban area. Beautiful music fountain, connecting lake and 370m mulbit bridge, and 8km beltway of the lake come into the spotlight for popular drive course. 은파호수공원

Geumgang Migratory Bird Observatory

금강철새조망대 This is the first and the best mammoth observatory center, available for 360 degree rotation. This center allows close observation of migratory birds in Geumgang (river) area, and gains popularity as a ecological education center with its bird park, migratory bird exploration museum, and incubation experience center.

Geumgang Wetland Ecology Park

This is a famous site for families as there are all types of convenient facilities along with reed forest, ecologic pond, and hiking course, and is located across the Geumgang Migratory Birds observatory. This certainly is the optimal space for natural ecology experience since it is a habitat for animals such as river deers and racoons. This also is a resting place for migratory birds that visit Geumgang. 금강 습지생태공원

Cheongam Mountain

청암산 The mountain lies from Oksan-myeon to Hoehyeon-myeon and Gubul-4gil course is formed. National hiking festival is hosted at Guseulmoe of Cheongam mountain Guseulmoe every fall. Along with Gunsan Lake, this mountain has preserved clean primeval forest and natural ecology very well.

Sinsido Daegaksan (Mountain)

Exquisite view of both Saemangeum seawall and Gogunsan Islands comes into sight from the obseratory located on the mountain top of Mt. Daegaksan(187. 2m). 신시도 대각산