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Gogunsan Islands

고군산군도 Gogunsan Islands is a colony of islands, composed of 16 inhabited islands and 47 uninhabited islands, and is a marine park of natural gift with beautiful sights. It is possible to enjoy magnificent views of the sea through sightseeing on the cruise ship.


This island is the central island, which makes up Gogunsan Islands along with Sinsido, Munyeodo, Bangchukdo, and Maldo, and is known for hermits to hang out because of the natural beauty of the island. 선유도


장자도 This island is called Jangjado since a man of great strength was born one day. This is one of the islands of Southwest Islands of Gunsan, and is connected to Seonyudo with Jangjagyo (bridge) so it is possible to come and go between two islands easily without taking a ship.


This island began to be called as Munyeodo, since there is a small island of glass-shape attached to the island of janggu-shape, and it looked like shaman dancing in front of the table. 무녀도