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About Gunsan


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General Information

Gunsan, located on the edge of central western coast, as a waist of the Korean peninsula, is in 2~3 hours away from anywhere in Korea (231km away from Seoul and 337km away from Busan). It is also the central city of Saemangeum, the biggest reclamation project after the origination of the country, and a port city of 114 years of history with various international routes, located 563km away from Qingdao, China, which is the shortest distance in Korea.

  • Population

    278,495 people (Males 141,521, Females 136,974) as of October 2013

  • Area

    680.11(former 394.86, Saemangeum area 285.25)

  • Administrative District

    1 eup 10 myeons 16 dongs (125 administrative dong/ri, 776 tong.ri, 2,535 ban)
    * Islands : 63 (inhabitted 16, unInhabitted 47)

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