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About Gunsan


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A Masterpiece of Wealth, Harmony, Dignity : Gunsan, a Business Hub of Northeast Asia

  • Moon Dong Sin
  • We are inviting you to Gunsan, International Tourism and Corporate city.

    Hello everyone! Gunsan has been a port city where Geumgang (river) and the West sea merge into each other, and a strategic location for sea trade as it acts as a gateway to the West sea.

    It is a central city for modern history where there still remains old view of Gunsan along with the most modern cultural heritage in Korea. Especially wonderful drive course, global marine tourist spot of Gogunsan Islands, linked to seawall, Biung tourist port, Wolmyeong Park, the largest park located in downtown, beautiful Mulbit Bridge of Eunpa Lake Park, and estuary of Geumgang (river), a paradise for a lot of migratory birds, will provide all of you the unexplored gift of nature along with comfortable place for relaxation. We look forward to seeing you all in multi-tourism city, Gunsan.

    Mayor of Gunsan city