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I will make new changes to Gunsan City going all hands of citizens on deck.

  • Moon Dong Sin
  • True local development is possible when we set a creative direction and move toward the set goals together with citizens’ participation.

    I will see to it that every citizen receive benefits as much as the economy grows. I will put promises with citizens first come in the city administration.
    I will strengthen the self-sufficient economy of Gunsan City and put realization of economic revitalization and welfare simultaneously first to achieve remarkable growth that can be shared by all the citizens.

    Through autonomy promoted by citizens, economy for everyone’s wealth, tourism with culture, happiness for every citizen, and comfortable safe city – I will make Gunsan City livable.

    I will strive to change the future of Gunsan City proving that actions speak louder than words by serving as a stepping stone in innovation of Gunsan City.

    Thank you.

    Mayor of Gunsan city